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rtt-1.12 deployer-xenomai segmentation fault


I am getting a segmentation fault after starting deployer-xenomai or deployer-corba-xenomai.

Strangely, if I run an application like deployer-corba-xenomai -s assignment-trajtest.xml the first time I get segmentation fault, but if I inmediately after run again the same command, the application runs normally (except that I cannot see what I type in). If I quit the deployer, and reset my console, the cycle starts again (e.g. the first time I run the deployer I get seg fault, the following times the application runs). Click below to read the rest of this post.

setPeriod in 1.12?

The component builders manual for RTT 1.12 mentions the availability of a method setPeriod, see http://people.mech.kuleuven.be/~orocos/pub/stable/documentation/rtt/current/doc-xml/orocos-components-manual.html#id478554 I know it is present in v2.1, but it does not seem to exist in 1.12?

Cheers, Theo.

Orocos OCL 1.12 is not in the download page

Hi !

Orocos OCL 1.12 does not appear in the download source page of OCL. Only releases 1.10.2, 1.8.2 and 1.6.2 are shown. Of course it is possible to get it with [All versions] link.

Orocos RTT and OCL 1.12.0 Released

Some might have lost a bet today, but here's the next major RTT/OCL 1.x release. It's an important release for all those dreaming of upgrading to the 2.0 mainline. Upgrading to 1.12 brings you one step closer to 2.0. This is due to the backporting of the component and plugin loading framework of the 2.0 mainline to the 1.12 release. There are some caveats as usual, but some nice features as well. Especially Windows users will be happy to hear that dynamic component and plugin loading is now also supported on that platform. Also some convenience functions for XML marshalling ('marshalling.storeProperties') and Corba server creation ('corbaComponent') during deployment have been added.

You can find all the details as you dig into the release notes below.

Using XML substitution to manage complex deployments


Problem: You deploy multiple configurations of your system, perhaps choosing between a real and simulated robot, some real and simulated device, etc. You want to parameterize the deployments to reduce the number of files you have to write for the varying configuration combinations

Solution: Use the XML ENTITY element.


  • Works with Xerces only (v2 tested, v3 should also support this). Will not work with the default TinyXML processor.


Tested on v1.x trunk on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Taskbrowser with readline on Windows

In order to have readline tab-completion in the taskbrowser, you'll need OCL 1.12.0 or 2.1.0 or later. Click below to read the rest of this post.

RTT Newbie: build fails (1.10.4 /lucid/ xenomai 2.5.4)

Orocos RTT 1.10.4/ Ubuntu 10.04 (Xenomai 2.5.4) I have the following problem regarding the RTT set up. Even if I set up XENOMAI_ROOT_DIR



$cmake .. -DOROCOS_TARGET=xenomai complains -- Optional library XENOMAI NOT FOUND. If the library is already installed, use the XENOMAI_ROOT_DIR environment variable or ccmake to set the missing variables manually.

Then I when I do ccmake .. and manully set up the include/lib paths (/usr/xenomai/lib and /usr/xenomai/include) I get the following warnings when I hit configure: (I am attaching the CMakeCache.txt for your reference)

Older Versions

The Orocos 1.x releases are still maintained but no longer recommended for new applications.

Look here for information on

RTT 1.x versions

A tarball of the latest stable 1.12.x version:

RTT Dictionary

RTT Dictionary

This page containts a list of terms used in RTT (and Orocos in general).


  • An Activity object executes the ExecutionEngine, which in turn executes programs, state machines, processes, incoming commands, incoming events and finally executes the user code.
  • An activity can be: activity, periodic activity, non-periodic activity, sequential activity, slave activity...


  • Attributes are solely for run-time values.
  • You can alter the attributes of any task, program or state machine. Click below to read the rest of this post.