[ANN] motion control stack v0.6 released

Dear All,

I'm happy to release v0.6 of the motion_control stack. Since this code
has been more and more used recently, I decided to merge the
(previously only) "devel" branch to "master" and release this version
as v0.6. Starting with v0.6 is to indicate that we have reached some
stability, but also have some way to go before a 1.0 is reached :-)
One goal is to get rid of the ros messages and the in-component
conversions once the RTT in-connection type conversions are

From now on, the semi-stable version can be found on master, while the
"devel" version will contain the actual development snapshot.

Warning: The latest patches contain some breaking changes, see
ChangeLog and git log.

Best regards

[1] http://git.mech.kuleuven.be/?p=robotics/motion_control.git;a=summary


Motion Control Stack

This stack contains components for joint and cartesian space motion

History and Acknowledgement

The oldest components in this motion_control stack were developed
almost 10 years ago (as of 2012) by Klaas Gadeyne and Wim Meussen
(according to in-line comments). After the Orocos OCL library was
reduced to contain only infrastructure during the RTTv2 transition,
this code was adopted under the name motion_control and ported to
RTT-v2 by and Markus Klotzbuecher and Ruben Smits.

This work is/has been supported by the following projects:

* European FP7 projects:

- Rosetta: FP7-230902, Robot control for skilled execution of
tasks in natural interaction with humans; based on autonomy,
cumulative knowledge and learning

- BRICS: FP7-231940, Best practices in robotics

* KU Leuven
- KU Leuven’s Concerted Research Action GOA/2005/010 and GOA/2010/011
- KU Leuven-BOF PFV/10/002 Center-of-Excellence Optimization in Engineering (OPTEC),