Autoconnecting a component to itself


By mistake I discovered the following behavior (due to listing of wrong peers):
if you use the autoconnect option in the deployer and list the
component itself as its peer, all ports are marked as connected (to
themselves of course ... )

Even though it is clearly the user's (stupid) mistake, it would be
better if there a warning would be created. It is confusing afterwards
to see all ports connected, since everything seems nicely connected.
BTW: this again shows the need for a tool able to browse a component's
connections ....

I could not think of an example where it would be useful to connect a
component's port to itself.... ()


<struct name="Reader" type="OCL::ReadMeasurementsFile">
<struct name="Activity" type="NonPeriodicActivity">
<simple name="Priority" type="short"><value>0</value></simple>
<simple name="Scheduler"
<simple name="AutoConf" type="boolean"><value>1</value></simple>
<simple name="AutoStart" type="boolean"><value>0</value></simple>
<simple name="AutoConnect" type="boolean"><value>1</value></simple>
<simple name="UpdateProperties"
<struct name="Peers" type="PropertyBag">
<simple type="string"><value>Reader</value></simple>