autoproj 1.7.12 is out !

This release has little user-visible changes. It adds "under the hood"
functionality for maintainers of package sets.

Base functionality

* improved some error messages
* fixed error if config.yml is empty
* fixed issues with implicitly selecting ignored or excluded packages on the
command line
* fixed handling of overrides that change the VCS type
If a package 'A' is normally under git and has an explicit branch,
as e.g.

- test:
type: git
url: my/url.git
branch: master

Then an override of

- test:
type: archive
url: http://other/url.tar.bz2

would fail as the 'branch' git option was passed to the archive
This is handled well now.
* fix CVS support. This requires autobuild >= 1.5.42. The syntax in

type: cvs
url: <URL of the CVSROOT>
module: module_name
cvsup: ['options', 'for', 'cvsup']
cvsco: ['options', 'for', 'cvsco']

The default options for cvs up and cvs co are resp. -dP and -d.

* added metapackage support. One can now "group" packages under a
certain name,
said name being used in the manifest' layout, exclude_packgaes and/or

This is used in the autobuild files with

metapackage 'name', 'package1', 'package2', ...

The "default" metapackage, i.e. the list of packages that are
selected when a
package set name is used in layout/exclude/ignore, can also be

default_packages 'package1', 'package2', ...

When a package set 'pkg_set' is created, two metapackages are created:


The first one is configurable with default_packages, while the
second one
always lists all packages directly defined in pkg_set

* added support for custom source handlers. Custom source handlers are a
way to
declare shortcuts for importers.

For instance,


defines a special 'spacegit' handler, and one can now do, in its

- my/package:
spacegit: imoby/scripts

The version control is then transparently expanded by autoproj to

- my/package:
type: git
url: git://
push_to: git [..] ...:imoby/scripts.git

These custom handlers can be used everywhere a version control
is required. They can be defined with Autoproj.add_source_handler
(see the
API documentation)