Autoproj 1.9.0 and autobuild 1.7.0 have been released

Changelog for Users
* fixed bad generation of The (very annoying) problem of having
a partial file generated should now be fixed for good.
* much improved progress output for heavily parallel builds
* autoproj update and aup properly update the configuration if given
the autoproj/ folder. I.e.,
autoproj update autoproj/
is equivalent to autoproj update-config
* experimental support for Windows
* experimental support for MacOSX. The osdep system is using MacPorts
* autoproj now validates that you are using always the same ruby
version. It avoids potential issues in cases where both ruby 1.9 and
1.8 are used on the same system
* fix some issue with auto-adding packages. Autoproj would always
auto-add package X if e.g. amake is used, which works fine in most
but not all cases.
* host of fixes related to ignore_packages. In general, this should
really work well now
* fix Autoproj.set_initial_env. The details of this forgotten feature
is going to be in a blog post.
* fixed supurious log/ directory created in new bootstrapped

Changelog for package set developers
* the osdep: keyword can be used to trigger recursive resolution. I.e.,
one can do the following to avoid repeating a complete osdep

gem: nokogiri
osdep: libxslt-dev
ubuntu: libxslt-dev

Autoproj 1.9.0 and autobuild 1.7.0 have been released

As brought to my attention, one item is missing in this changelog:

The CMake package handler can now display all error and warning messages
during the build. This is currently disabled by default and can be
turned ON by adding the following line to autoproj/init.rb

Autobuild::CMake.show_make_messages = true