Bugzilla migration complete

We had word from FMTC that they no longer wished to support our Bugzilla
server, so we had to look out for a new spot. This became
http://bugs.orocos.org ,hosted at the same provider as www.orocos.org.

By the end of the week, the www.fmtc.be bugzilla server will be taken off-line.
I already closed all products for bug entry in order to avoid adding new bugs
to the old server.

In case you use Eclipse and Mylyn/Bugzilla bindings:

1. Choose the 'Team Synchronization Perspective'
2. Right click on your Orocos 'Task Repository' on the bottom left view.
3. Click on 'Properties' and set the server to: http://bugs.orocos.org
4. Validate, all should work well.

NOTE: the fmtc server was behind the secure 'https' protocol, the new one is
plain 'http'.

I also upgraded the Bugzilla version to 3.6.3.