Can anybody give me a example of generating a segment of a single joint robot from D-H parameters? Thanks.

Usually in D-H, joint are always rotate alone Z axis. Does it mean all joints are RotX type?

Can anybody give me a example

I got it. Yes, all joints are RotZ type. And for the original D-H definition, the rotation is EulerZYX(0,0,alpha);

Now I can use two methods:

(1) Segment segment_test1 = Segment(Joint(Joint::RotZ),Frame(Rotation::EulerZYX(0,0,alpha),

                                           Vector(alpha*cos(theta),alpha*sin(theta),d) ) );
(2) Segment segment_test2 = Segment(Joint(Joint::RotZ),Frame::DH(a,alpha,d,theta));

Then I will try the modified D-H method.

Can anybody give me a example

Oh, no. The results are different. The first one is not correct. The vector is not correct. What's wrong with it?