Connect to multiple ports and act when there is new data on all of them


I am working with the LWR-Component to control the KUKA Leight Weight Robots. As soon as new data is received from the robot by this component, the several data parts (angles, torque, ...) are written to several output ports.

What I want to do now, is to write a component that connects to many of these ports and starts computation as soon as it has new data on all of them.

Can I rely on the fact, that if inside the LWR-Component the sending order is like this:

OutPortA.write(stuffA); OutPortB.write(stuffB); OutPortC.write(stuffC);

it will arrive in the same order on my input ports? So only InPortC needs to be an event port and I can be sure that the data on InPortA and InPortB will be up-to-date?

Otherwise I think I will have to make all the ports eventy and associate a bool with each port. If a port receives something, it sets its bool to true. If all bools are true, I start computation.

Or is there a better way?

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards, Mirko