connecting modules on different hosts using orogen and ruby scripts

Dear Sirs,
I need to build an Orocos system
with modules spread on multiple machines.
I am using Toolchain 2.3.1 with omniorb .
I am trying to use orogen to develop components.
I developed two deployments one on host A and one on host B.
On host A in my .bashrc file I inserted the following configuration line

export ORBInitRef="NameService=corbaname::"

where is the IP address of host A.

I tried to write a roby script to load and run the network of components following the instruction I found on

The roby file is the following

require 'orocos'

include Orocos
Orocos::CORBA.name_service = ""
Orocos.initialize do 'RViever'

viewer = TaskContext.get 'v1'
behaviorActivation = TaskContext.get 'behDefArm1'

behaviorActivation.ActivatedBehaviour.connect_to viewer.ActivatedBehaviour

When I try to run it on Host B I get the following error:

ruby rviewer.rb
/usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/task_context.rb:309:in `do_get': task context 'v1' does not exist (Orocos::NotFound)
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/task_context.rb:309:in `get'
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/corba.rb:99:in `refine_exceptions'
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/task_context.rb:308:in `get'
from rviewer.rb:10
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/process.rb:225:in `spawn'
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/process.rb:520:in `guard'
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/process.rb:224:in `spawn'
from /usr/src/rock/tools/orocos.rb/lib/orocos/process.rb:33:in `run'
from rviewer.rb:8

I am not able to select the remote name server.

How can I change the ruby file to point to the remote name server?

Is it possible on host B to set ORBInitRef
whit the instruction

export ORBInitRef="NameService=corbaname::"

so that Hosta A becomes the nameServer for my network?

Have I missed other configuration steps?

Thank you in advance for your support.

G. Rizzi

connecting modules on different hosts using orogen and ruby scri

From your other questions on the ML, I gather that you deploy the
components using the orocos deployer, is that right ?

Which component runs on which machine ?

Once you have started the components, can you do

$ orops

If everything is fine, it should list both the v1 and behDefArm1
components with a STOPPED state
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