controller-1 exercise

Your question is not stupid. I couldn't get this part of the exercise
to work, but moved on to other tasks and so did not pursue it. Peter
might have fixed this in another version. I was using 1.10.1. /Alex

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Hi everybody.

I haven't seen any answers to my question and I'm wondering if my
question is too much stupid (I apologize in this case) or I have omitted
too many details to give a solution to the problem.

So that I still haven't found any solution, I submit my question once

Thank you again; I hope somebody will help me.


Enrico Piccinini ha scritto:

Hi all.

I completed the exercise far so good. Now it's time to
add the program.ops.

My first program is just made by two simple movements:

program the_program {

do move(5.0);
do move(10.0);


I loaded and stared it in my Automatic component by this way (I don't
really now if it's correct):

bool startHook() {
log(Info) << "Automatic started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" << endlog();
step = this->getPeriod();

return true;

Unfortunately only the first movement seems to be executed. All the
others seems to be ignored.

May anyone help me to find the problem or suggest me a way to debug my

Thanks a lot in advance.

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controller-1 exercise

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