deployer and RTT_COMPONENT_PATH in beta3

When you're using the deployer of the beta3 release (or are using ocl-2.0-
mainline), you *must* set the RTT_COMPONENT_PATH in order to find all the
necessary plugins. Due to a bug, the deployer fails to scan for plugins in the
right places (it only looks for *components* in the right places). If you
installed RTT in /opt/rtt, then you would set:

export RTT_COMPONENT_PATH=/opt/rtt/lib/orocos:/opt/rtt/lib

Which will cause the RTT to pickup the typekits. If you want to check that
everything was found, type '.types' and '.services' in the TaskBrowser, which
should give you:

In Task Deployer[S]
(type 'ls' for context info) :.types
Available data types: ConnPolicy FlowStatus PropertyBag SendHandle SendStatus
array bool bools char double float int ints string strings uint void

In Task Deployer[S]
(type 'ls' for context info)
Available Services: marshalling scripting

Will be fixed soon on the github branch.