Deployment and TaskBrowsing

Hi all,

as a new year begin for my robotics team, we want to change some things, and
one on them is the way we deploy and/or we instropect our application. We
were using a simple deployer, with Orocos scripts launched from a ROS launch

Two things makes me feel like to look around :
_ Since last april, I wanted to test the LUA dep.
_ I heard several time that some of orocos user are using a corba deployer
to be able not to leave the deployment and taskbrowser components on the
target system.

I played a bit with the Lua deployer, and scanned quickly

Can I leave the deployment on the target system, and connect a TaskBrowser
remotely on demand ?

Is it any completion help in the lua deployer ? I am new with Lua so I maybe
missed something, but from my first try, I didn't find such helps. It is a
very convenient help from the taskwroser to do this, because when you have
quite lot of Component you hardly remeber names, operations, ports names. By
the way, the cookbook is really nice and the "example of" sections are
really making new user in a success situation.

Is it possible to launch a classic taskbrowser at the end of the Lua
deployment ?

May I use Lua as a Corba deployer ?