Extending Orocos with typekit

I have started using orocos few days ago and I am currently trying to add a custom type to my orocos project without success. I use Orocos toolchain 2.5, I create my typekit in C++ without using typegen/rosgen.

The type is a simple structure which contains 3 int in a namespace, really similar to the documentation example. I have followed the "Extending the Real-Time Toolkit with your own Data Types" documentation page to implement my typekit. I wrote a header file containing a structure which extends the StructTypeInfo template, the stream operators and a serialize function. I also have a class extending the TypekitPlugin class. The typekit is compiled as a shared library in a folder named types. The RTT_COMPONENT_PATH environment variable is set. I see in the orocos logging output that my typekit is loaded and my type is also added. In my sample program, I list all loaded plugins and all loaded types and I can see my typekit and my type. I have a component extending the TaskContext class which has a method returning this type. In the taskbrowser, when I type help <function>, the return type is still display as unknown_t but I can see my type with .types command.

I do not understand what is going wrong and what should I do to solve my problem. Any help will be appreciate. I would like to know if I miss something.