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The new Xenomai release fixed the issues we were having in our thread
management code. Upgrading is strongly recommended !


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After "a few" issues in the 2.6.2 release, please find Xenomai at
the following address:

The following issues were fixed in Xenomai codebase:
- debian packages not building;
- warnings triggered by the /proc code;
- failure of mutex "trylock" services to properly cause threads running
with the SCHED_OTHER policy to stay in primary mode;
- compilation error with stdio.h in C++
- deadlocks with scheduler lock modifications introduced in 2.6.2
- newly mapped regions with rtdm_iomap_to_user causing faults
- rthal_supported_cpus resulting in more cpus selected than specified

The latest Linux kernel supported was updated from 3.5.3 to 3.5.7,
also fixing the following issues:
- zero page corruption
- I-pipe warning when registering an IRQ handler
- migrations in IRQ handlers
- transparent huge pages broken with I-pipe kernel
- disappeared warning about AMD workaround for C1E state

Thanks all for testing, reporting bugs, contributing documentation,
submitting patches, which helped making this release (and the


Shortlog follows.
Jan Kiszka (9):
can: Flexcan driver depends on open firmware
nucleus: Fix iteration over IRQs for /proc/xenomai/stat output
intr: Fix output of timer interrupts in /proc/xenomai/{irq,stat}
testsuite: Enhance mprotect regression test with r/w after access enable
posix/native: Increment resource counter on successful mutex_trylock
nucleus: Avoid bool type to please 2.4 kernels
nucleus: Fix migration race in schedule_linux_call
nucleus: Move XNINLOCK to xnsched::lflags
nucleus: Fix xnpod_schedule with nucleus debugging enabled

Mariusz Janiak (1):
doc: add doc about C1E option with AMD processors

Paul Corner (1):
doc: fix typos

Philippe Gerum (6):
x86: upgrade I-pipe support to 3.2.21 core release 3
x86/include: fix dist rule
x86: upgrade I-pipe support
arm: upgrade I-pipe support
blackfin: upgrade I-pipe support
powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support

Wolfgang Grandegger (1):
rtdm_iomap_to_user: fix caching and page fault issues

Wolfgang Mauerer (1):
hal: Fix cpu bitmap handling

Gilles Chanteperdrix (14):
debian: adapt to latest I-pipe core patches
posix: include stddef.h in stdio.h to get size_t defined
x86/include: add missing Makefile
build: bootstrap
debian: remove now useless configure options
arm/hal: move detection of SMP with unsupported architectures
doc: fix line breaks in README.INSTALL footnotes breaking html TOC
doc: cosmetic fix
doc: document the default values for configure options
doc: do not rely on the default latency path, use the xeno wrapper instead
posix/native: do not increment resource counter for recursive mutexes
arm: take more architectures into account
build: bump version number and bootstrap
doc: regenerate


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