How to start the helloworld app?

Hi Roy,

it's better to ask this kind of questions through the orocos-users

On Wednesday 11 August 2010 10:04:38 Roy Sevit wrote:
> Dear Ruben,
> I have been experimenting with the orocos component library manual and
> ran into a problem when I try to start the Helloworld application with
> the so called "deployer". What is this "deployer" and how do I get it
> to start up the Helloworld application?

Take a look at <
xml/orocos-deployment.html> to learn how to use the deployer.

> (I also tried the ./helloworld option, but I cannot find the location
> were "executable" is located.)

Did you compile the helloworld executable? It is located in ocl but I think it
is not compiled by default. You can switch it by setting BUILD_HELLOWORLD=ON
in the makefile of the ocl_1.10 package.


> Kind regards,
> Roy