Howto: cross-compiling orocos toolchain


I spent some time figuring out how to cross-compile the orocos toolchain
and have a cross-compilation and deployment workflow. I've documented my
efforts and would like to share them with other orocos-users.

Preview at: (website uptime unreliable)

However, it seems that I don't have permission to edit the orocos wiki
(my username is Sagar). Therefore, I'm attaching the docmentation,
hoping that someone will put it up on the official wiki. The
documentation is in markdown format, so it can be converted to any
format you like, with pandoc. Assuming that the orocos wiki can take
mediawiki format, I have already provided a version converted to the
mediawiki format. See attachment.

I did face two minor(?) issues related to orogen and typegen. They are
documented in the last section titled 'FIXME and TODO'. It is probably
something really simple to fix. Could someone tell me what is going
wrong? I can update the document if I know how to fix those issues.


crosscompiling-orocos-toolchain.tar_.bz26.57 KB