Linker error with v2.6.0 (unresolved external symbols) in Win7 / MSVC 2008 with rtt plugins


I'm having problems with compilation of OROCOS 2.6 on Win 7 (x86) / MSVC2008 / Boost 1.48.

Linker is complaining about unresolved external symbols when compiling rtt-marshaling, rtt-scripting and rtt-typekit. orocos-rtt itself compiles without any problems and the produced files (orocos-rtt-win32.dll & .lib) are located in same place as in OROCOS 2.5.

As an example, linking of rtt-scripting produces following type of errors (all complaining about unresolved member function of OperationCallerInterface):

ProgramService.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall RTT::base::OperationCallerInterface::setExecutor(class RTT::ExecutionEngine *)" (?setExecutor@OperationCallerInterface@base@RTT@@QAEXPAVExecutionEngine@3@@Z) referenced in function "private: virtual void __thiscall RTT::Operation<bool __cdecl(class boost::shared_ptr<class RTT::scripting::ProgramInterface>)>::ownerUpdated(void)" (?ownerUpdated@?$Operation@$$A6A_NV?$shared_ptr@VProgramInterface@scripting@RTT@@@boost@@@Z@RTT@@EAEXXZ)

Would anybody here be able to point me to the right direction with the problem? It's the first time I'm trying to build OROCOS on Windows, so it might be that I'm doing something wrong. However, I didn't any encounter problems with OROCOS 2.5.

BR, Mathias