Orocos Toolchain v2.3.1 Released

The v2.3.1 bugfix release of the Orocos toolchain is out. As usual, this
release fixes issues discovered in the 2.3.0 release. Most notable improvements

* Build fixes for Win32 and Mac OS-X
Both cmake logic and source-level modifications addressed various reported

* Code coverage for unit tests
Developers can now verify which parts of the RTT code are sufficiently unit

* Fix the RTT_COMPONENT_PATH for the ROS debian packages of the toolchain
We detect if building these and fix the default plugin and component paths.

* Various bugfixes for the UseOrocos cmake macros in ROS environments

* Build fixes for log4cpp on Win32

* Nested for loop fix in scripts.

* Fixes Attribute::get over CORBA

And plenty of other fixes & polishes.

As usual, you can download the release, or upgrade using the 'toolchain-2.3'
or 'stable' git branches on the Gitorious Orocos Toolchain project.


Your Orocos Toolchain maintainer,