Orocos on Xenomai: Having Trouble with setPeriod()

Hey folks,

Some Background:
I've installed Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 on a machine and am running a Xenomai-patched kernel. When I built Xenomai, I included the (--enable-dlopen-skins) option. I used Xenomai 2.5.6 on a kernel.org<http://kernel.org> download of kernel version 2.6.37. My user account was added to the xenomai user group and has the ability to run real-time processes. I installed ROS using the Ubuntu ros-diamondback-desktop-full package from packages.ros.org<http://packages.ros.org>. I installed the Orocos Stack by compiling sources from Git using the process described on the ROS wiki. I set up my profile/environment variables correctly, as far as I can tell, based on how my system is configured. I am able to start a deployer with "rosrun ocl deployer-xenomai" without any error. There is a warning about "You are not root.", but I don't think that's a big deal.

I am attempting to work through the simple HelloWorld example in the Orocos Component Builders Manual, Section 2. I am able to create and make the HelloWorld component, deploy the helloworld.ops script and cd to the Hello component. I can start and stop the component and get the "HelloWorld executes updateHook!" and "HelloWorld executes stopping!" messages. But, when I try and set the component period, the whole machine hangs. I type "setPeriod(1)" and hit enter and boom. Hangs as in, the machine is frozen. There's no keyboard input, no SSH login, nothing. Requires a hard reboot to get back up and running.

Now, I've done the same thing on an Ubuntu Server 11.04 setup, and I don't have this problem. Obviously something is different between them, but I have no idea what.

Any ideas? Any additional information that would be useful?

Dustin Gooding
NASA/JSC Robotics