orocreated-pkg doesn't want to load in eclipse


I created an empty package with rosrun orocreate-pkg, did make eclipse-project (foo) and tried to import the package as a project in Eclipse (Indigo), but got:
Error processing changed links in project description file.
Cannot create a link to '/home/foo' because it overlaps the location of the project that contains the linked resource.
Also other, existing rtt related projects have the same problem, if I create an empty ros package (roscreate-pkg) and follow the same procedure, I manage to import it in

I found some info on:
but I don't find the problem.

I deleted all dependencies in the manifest, and still it happens.

Since my CMakeLists.txt uses Orocos expressions, I think the problem has to be sought here.

Anyone experience with the problem or a clue where to look?



Freshly upgraded (K)Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise) on a 64 bit system
Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2 with latest CDT (8.0.2)
Orocos toolchain installed by debian pkg's (ros-electric-orocos-toolchain...)
ROS electric
a correct set ros_package_path