Problem with OCL

2011/8/10 <giulio [dot] sporti [..] ...>

> Thank you, but I think I have compiled in MS VS2008 using "ALL_BUILD" in
> Debug and Release mode. After I have used "INSTALL" in Debug and Release
> mode and the DLL have been gone in the same directory. So I think I have to
> compile only in Release or Debug mode.
> I have seen another post "Many oroblems while mixing build configurations
> on win32" and I try to follow that.
These problems are supposed to be fixed in the current release. You should
be able to install both debug and release because on Windows we now add a
'd' suffix on filenames of the debug target. Thus, they can both live in the
same install directory. However, you can't install 'Release' and
'RelWithDebInfo' in the same directory.

Philippe Hamelin