R: Orogen lodable component

I found in the manual "The Deployment Component"
the following chapter
3. Setting up a deployable component library
which explains how to prepare a component library.
Perhaps this instructions can be useful.
Would be useful to use the power of orogen in order to simplify the creation of deployable components.
Thank you for your attention.
Gianpaolo Rizzi

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Data: 2-nov-2010 9.39 AM
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Ogg: Re: [Orocos-users] Orogen lodable component

On 11/01/2010 11:38 PM, gprizzi [..] ... wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> is It possible to use orogen to build components that are lodable by
> deployer-<targhet> ?
> I tried to create a test component, but the deployer give me the following errors
> 0.100 [ Info ][DeploymentComponent::import] Importing component libraries from directory /usr/local/lib/orocos ...
> 0.119 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::import] Unloading /usr/local/lib/orocos/libtest-tasks-gnulinux.so: not a valid component library:
> 0.119 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::import] /usr/local/lib/orocos/libtest-tasks-gnulinux.so: undefined symbol: createComponent
> 0.119 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::import] /usr/local/lib/orocos/libtest-tasks-gnulinux.so: undefined symbol: getComponentType
Since I am not using the deployer, the orogen-generated task libraries
are probably not loadable by it.

If someone tells me what I need to add, I will gladly fix that.