R: Place to share user examples??

Dear Sirs,

I am very interested in your experience, because I am working or Orocos on linux but
I would like to set up Orocos on Windows to provide a graphical user interface to the deployment working on linux.

In the beginning I had to work hard too, to have my linux system runnning.
I think that your documentation could be of great help for me.

Best regards.

Gianpaolo Rizzi

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I spend now two weeks of hard work to get a the toolchain and a small sample application up and running.
This included having the toolchain compiled on Linux and Windows, both with corba (TAO/ACE) for debug and release. My sample application connects a TaskContext directly to QT to show how signal/slot connections could be done. The build gets done by using cmake for Linux and Windows and handles also the moc/uic from QT in one go. IDE is Eclipse for linix and MSVC for Windows.

For me this was an evaluation step, to see if I can use Orocos as core of my next project, for which qt integration and Linux/Windows run-ability is necessary.

To get all this together I had to search a lot through the wiki and the forum, and at some points it was pretty frustrating to get stuck at simple things.

I would like to share my experiences to give other people, in a similar situation, an easier start.
However I saw the thread about user contribution, which seems to open a ground discussion about the future of Orocos and I don't want to open this again. Nevertheless I think it would be of benefit for Orocos if there would be a place where users, in terms of the once which just want to use Orocos for a start, could place some samples about how things could be done. It would have helped me a lot to focus on the real problems if I had found such a sample, just showing how to put it all together.

As you read, there is a wish from several people to have a place for user code. But unfurtunately it doesn't exists yet.

Please let me know how you think about this.
I would be happy to share my sample and also to contribute documentation e.g. in the Wiki.

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