Struggling to upgrade from Orocos 1.x to 2.0

Hi Bill,

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> Hi there,
> (First off, sorry if this should have been posted to the RTT-dev group. To
> me, "-dev" means developers of RTT, which I certainly am not. Right now,
> since I can't compile, I wouldn't even call myself a user. :) )
> I've been reading all the (I think) appropriate web pages, but things are
> not going smoothly. Let me ask my current question, followed by some more
> general ones that might indicate how far off the proper path I am so
> someone can get me back on track.
> Right now, even though I've run the conversion scripts, my code is
> complaining because it can no longer find:
> rtt/corba/ControlTaskServer.hpp
> I see that header file no longer exists. What should I use in its place?

See this document :

It has been renamed to rtt/corba/TaskContextServer.hpp
Also, ControlTaskProxy has been renamed to TaskContextProxy.hpp

The namespace changed to RTT::corba instead of RTT::Corba.

Which conversion script did you use ?

More general questions:
> It's probably because I don't know what I'm doing with autoproj, but I
> can't seem to do the equivalent of "make install"... so, my RTT includes
> and libraries are in my home directory, and I had to rename the old ones
> that were in /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib just so both wouldn't be
> read in. Then I had to do some nasty hacking to my CMakeLists.txt files to
> find the new ones.
For such migrations, it's always better to have the old version out of your
standard include paths... autoproj installations install in the
orocos-toolchain/install directory by default.

> Regarding cmake, honestly, the instructions in
> confused me, and mostly produced errors for cmake. Any suggestions for
> cmake with RTT 2.0?

Yes: use ocl's orocreate-pkg script which generates a directory with these
cmakefiles for you. Then, after you've sourced, the cmake logic will
find RTT automatically.

> I've found several web pages on how to do this upgrade, but
> there seems to be no one-stop-shop for *the* correct procedure. Is there a
> best web page to look at?

Also go throught he 'Changes' documents from version 2.0 on which document
a lot of changes you might find interesting when upgrading.

> Am I barking up the wrong tree, trying to use RTT 2.0 with Corba? We're
> using Ace/Tao BTW, if that is a factor.
Nope, this still works.

> FWIW, I'm doing all this on Ubuntu 9.10. (We're looking to upgrade OSes,
> but haven't found one yet that does everything we need.) Is our old OS part
> of the problem??

Orocos 2.0 is tested on 9.10 in our buildfarm, so that should not be your

> Sorry, I know these questions are all over the place, but I'm having a
> tough time explaining to my team why I can't even *compile* after several
> days. I dread linking and testing. :)
> Thanks for any guidance you can give,
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> Bill.