TaskContext.getOperation doc outdated


when trying to check if a TaskContext.getOperation succeed or not I
bumped into the API documentation of the function which seems to bo
outdated :

OperationInterfacePart* RTT::TaskContext::getOperation(std::string name)[inline]
Get a previously added operation for use in a C++ OperationCaller object.
Store the result of this function in a OperationCaller<Signature> object.
nameThe name of the operation to retrieve.
Returns:true if it could be found, false otherwise.

It details a boolean return (as in 1.X version of getCommand) but the
function is now returning an OperationInterfacePart* which is never
null if I am correct.

Then what should I do ? should I test :
taskContext->getOperation(operationName)->getLocalOperation() != NULL