Branch names updates

I'm using these 'new' names for my branches on git*.com:

- master : main development line, latest features. Replaces rtt-2.0-mainline
- toolchain-2.0 : stable release branch for the 2.0 release series.
- rtt-1.0-svn-patches: remains for svn bridge of 1.x release series
- ocl-1.0-svn : remains for svn bridge of 1.x release series

All branches in the rtt-2.0-... will no longer be updated. The rtt-2.0-
mainline has been merged with 'master', which means that if you have a
rtt-2.0-mainline branch, you can just do 'git pull origin master', and it will
fast-forward your tree to the master branch, or you checkout the local master
branch and issue the same command.

I will remove the rtt-2.0-mainline branches next week. Just start
pulling/rebasing on 'master' if you have work based on that.

Any other branches are 'wip' branches and may be deleted without prior notice.