BRIDE: an Eclipse based MDE IDE for Orocos (Alpha)


I would like to announce the ALPHA version of BRIDE. This release is
meant to be a starting point for further development of an MDE IDE
that can be used for Orocos. The full release of BRIDE is meant to be
used in conjunction with a graphical editor for the BRICS Component
Model (BCM). The BCM is meant to be a meta-model for not only Orocos
but other frameworks such as OpenRTM. Yet, Orocos users are not
required to use the BCM part and can use the RTT editor standalone.
The idea of the BCM is to use it for the sharing of ideas between
members of the robotics community by sharing models of the software
they are using.

At the moment is supports creating an Orocos Package starting from a
graphical representation. The supported elements of RTT are Ports,
TaskContext, ConnectionPolicy, and Activity. You can see how it works
in this screencast:

Information and installation is available at:

We would like to exhort the Orocos community to test the software and
to join the bride-users list in order to further enhance BRIDE.

We hope that with your input then BRIDE will be a useful tool for the
creation of Orocos based applications.

Thank you

Hugo A. Garcia
Research Assistant
Robotics Research Group
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven