Component-based programming support in OPRoS project...


six people of the BRICS project have had a two-days workshop with 11
representatives of the Korean OPRoS project <>, to
get more information about this large-scale Korean open source project,
developing functional modules and Eclipse support for component-based robot
software development. There is _a lot_ of working code on their website,
but almost only with Korean documentation and code comments...
Nevertheless, what the OPRoS team showed is really impressive:
functionality-wise they have almost as much as ROS, but with a decent
component model and an already mature Eclipse tool chain support. (I was
asked by the Korean government in 2007 to write the roadmap for this
project, so it was not much of a suprise to me that much of RTT anno 2007
is recognizable in the current result.) The Korean government will (most
probably) continue to pour about 5 Million Euro/year into the project for
the coming two years. In addition, they have a consortium of about 60(!)
Korean companies supporting and using the framework.

Hugo and Markus (and some other BRICS people) will try to get to the bottom
of what exactly they have already, how good it is really, and how we can
use it and/or cooperate with them. The topics that we identified for
possible cooperation (including exchange of people) are: component model
definition, tool chain support for it in Eclipse, and standardisation (of
low-level data types, documentation, and functional APIs).

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