Deployment with more then 22 instances crashes on xenomai

Dear sirs,

I am working with Orocos toolchain-2.3.0.

I have a deployments made of 24 instances of 13 components.
I define my components using orogen the I generate the source code with the commands:

orogen --target=xenomai -v -V test.orogen

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/lib/orocos

I modified the generated source code simply removing comment from configureHook, updateHook, startHook.

I compiled the deployment with the command


With all the 24 instances, necessary for my deployment, I got a crash with segmentation fault.

I I remove two instances (no matter which one) the deployment works fine.

The complete deployments works fine on gnulinux too.

Can you suggest me why having more than 22 instances produces a program crash?

Is there any configuration parameter of xenomai that have to be tuned?

When taskcontext are loaded I get for 13 times the following warning too:

0.086 [ Warning][Thread] Activity: an object with that name is already existing in Xenomai.

Why this happens?

Tank you for your kind support?

G. Rizzi