In my program, I've 2 component, in each component I've one WriteDataPort and one ReadDataPort on the same object like that:
ReadDataPort CoordCible;
WriteDataPort CoordCibleEstim;

The ReadDataPort is an event Port. The two component are NonPeriodicActivity.
When the component A receive a data of component B, I want enter in the UpdateHook(), and in the UpdateHook() of the component A, write on the DataPort which read by the component B, etc(like ping-pong). When I launch my deployer and I write a data in a port of the component B, the component A enter in the updatehook and write on the data port, after the same thing for the component B but after the component A don't enter in the updatehook. The data is write one the component B.

Why the component A don't enter in the updatehook? The Write/Read is too fast?