EventPort with custom method calls updateHook


I'm building a component using several EventPorts (toolchain-2.3).
I've made custom methods for all of them, so as to clearly monitor
which port received an update.
Apparently (I just found out in the documentation), the EventPort will
not only trigger my custom method, but also execute the component's
UpdateHook() afterwards. What's the reasoning behind calling
UpdateHook() here? As I wrote my own method, I didn't expect the
UpdateHook() getting executed as well.
This is however good behaviour for some of my ports (I was calling
UpdateHook manually anyway), but surely not for all. Is there a way I
can disable calling it?

Documentation from DataFlowInterface.hpp:
* Add an Event triggering Port to the interface of this task and
* add a Service with the same name of the port.
* When data arrives on this port your TaskContext will be woken up
* and updateHook will be executed.
* @param port The port to add.
* @param callback (Optional) provide a function which will be called
* when new data arrives on this port. The callback function will
* be called in sequence with updateHook(), so asynchronously with
* regard to the arrival of data on the port.
* @return \a port
base::InputPortInterface& addEventPort(base::InputPortInterface& port,
base::InputPortInterface::NewDataOnPortEvent::SlotFunction callback =
base ::InputPortInterface::NewDataOnPortEvent::SlotFunction() );