Fwd: [boost] boost.lockfree review request

Tim Blechman dared to post a proposal for a 'boost.lockfree' library.
It looks like it may be usable in real-time contexts, since it
provides a custom memory allocator with pre-allocated memory, but also
lets you override that. I'm guessing it will be at least another year
before this is accepted in the Boost mainline. It would be great if
this library catches momentum.


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From: Tim Blechmann <tim [..] ...>
Date: Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 13:54
Subject: [boost] boost.lockfree review request
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hi all,

i would like to submit a small library of lock-free data structures for

boost.lockfree provides implementations of lock-free data structures.
lock-free data structures can be accessed by multiple threads without
the necessity of blocking synchronization primitives such as guards.
lock-free data structures can be used in real-time systems, where
blocking algorithms may lead to high worst-case execution times, to
avoid priority inversion, or to increase the scalability for
multi-processor machines.

boost.lockfree provides:
* boost::lockfree::fifo, a lock-free fifo queue
* boost::lockfree::stack, a lock-free stack

the code is available from the boost vault:

and from my personal git repository:

the documentation is available at:

thanks in advance,

tim [..] ...

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