Getting started with component interface and taskcontext

I found out about OROCOS the past few weeks and I am trying to work on it. I have installed archlinux Os, CodeBlocks IDE and also both ocl and rtt packages to start workin on COmponent building.

I begun my journey with OROCOS component builders manual and I am stuck just at the beginning. I am stuck at the helloworld exercise. I dont know how to run the hello world application from a pacman installed ocl. The tutorial says
"In case you got OCL as a binary package, enter loadComponent("Hello","orocos-helloworld") at the prompt of the deployer application for your target: ORO_LOGLEVEL=5 deployer-gnulinux for example. This command loads the Orocos-HelloWorld component library and creates a component with name "Hello" (Requires OCL 1.4.1 or later). Finally, type cd Hello to start with the exercise."

Can someone explain clearly how to do this with archlinux or just explain the steps in a better way?

Thank you in advance