Important changes in rtt_ros_integration for electric

We're in the final stages of releasing the rtt_ros_integration stack for
electric. This stack is hosted at These are the
changes in comparison to diamondback:

* The orocos_toolchain_ros stack no longer exists. It has been replaced by 4
- orocos_toolchain, identical to the result of an autoproj build of the Orocos
Toolchain. It will only contain RTT 2.5 (to be released simultaneously) !
- rtt_ros_integration, contains packages for integrating RTT with ROS
- rtt_common_msgs, the RTT typekits for ROS robot messages
- rtt_ros_comm, the RTT typekits for ROS basic messages

* The rtt_ros_integration *package* no longer exists, it's a stack now with
the rtt_rosnode, rtt_ros_integration_example and rtt_tf packages. rtt_rosnode
is the package which contains all the integration code.

* The 'rostopic.topic()' call has been renamed to 'ros.topic()'. The idea is
that you can type then 'help ros' in the taskbrowser to get some extra
information about available service and commands. (RTT Services can be
documented with the doc("...") member function ).

* The generated typekit and transport libraries have been renamed to :
- librtt_<package_msgs>
instead of librtt_ros_<package_msgs>
- librtt_<package_msgs>
instead of librtt_ros_<package_msgs>
You'll need to rosmake --pre-clean to properly rebuild all these packages and
possibly remove the package_msgs/lib directory as well.

* The include header names have been renamed from:
- #include <geometry_msgs/typekit/Pose.hpp> to
#include <geometry_msgs/typekit/Pose.h>
This to be equivalent to the ROS-style header name. We've kept the Types.hpp
include name and also added a Types.h which includes Types.hpp

BIG WARNING: if you depended on rtt_ros_integration before (very likely),
you'll have to depend on rtt_rosnode after. We created a small shell script
that does this renaming. A replacement is necessary in the stack/manifest.xml
files and some CMakeLists.txt files. This means if you upgraded to electric, you
can't go back to diamondback. To run this script, run:

rosrun rtt_rosnode rtt-upgrade-2.5

in a 'top level' directory. After that, you can check the conversion by

rosmake --pre-clean <stack-name-or-package-name>

Please report any success/failure of this script or feel free to review it.

We *really* hope this is the last time we need to do any renaming (it's a pain
for everyone). By the next ROS major release, we'll try release the ROS
packages as 2.x.y instead of 0.x.y. to communicate the stability.

The documentation is still to be done, which will be on the
rtt_ros_integration wiki page for electric. Your contribution there will be
appreciated !