KDL patch fixing CMake config file

The existing KDL CMake config file uses incorrectly name QUIET- and REQUIRED-related variables. They must match the package name, which is "Orocos-KDL" and not "KDL" (because the config file is installed as "/path/to/orocos-kdl/orocos-kdl-config.cmake"), if you use the standard "FIND_PACKAGE(Orocos-KDL REQUIRED)" style.

Demonstrated in Koala and Snow Leopard.

Test project attached (NB I have to explicitly set the directory to search, in the test project). To demonstrate, with "QUIET" listed you will get verbose output. Change "QUIET" to "REQUIRED" and manually move the "orocos-kdl.pc" pkgconfig file aside, and the system won't produce a fatal error like it should.

Overall, I would suggest we use consistent naming and make the whole thing "Orocos-KDL" instead of mixing that with "KDL" in places. Currently there are a mix of "Orocos-KDLxxx" and "KDLxxx" variables. Very confusing for an end user. Thoughts?


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