Last round !

I've worked through the set of patches which I think are fine for 2.6.
Sylvain merged the rock changes to the orocos-toolchain. And Jenkins
is chewing through the build.

I propose a time of testing/monitoring issues on master. Now is the
time to test it with your systems. For convenience, I also updated the
orocos_toolchain git repository such that all submodules point to
their latest master.

Stuff you'd like to try out:
- circular buffers connection policy (DATA, BUFFER, CIRCULAR_BUFFER).
- fluent typekit imports from all kinds (generated + hand coded +
rtt-native ) in any order
- lua deployers got corba support
- latest versions of orogen/typegen
- things that you reported as broken

There are some open issues, like the service_discovery package... any
resolution there ?

Also, creating eclipse projects in ROS (make eclipse-project) is still
broken although there is a 'fix'. I'd like to have this fix only
enabled when generating for the CDT, ie when the CMAKE_GENERATOR
variable equals "Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" *and* ROS is used. If
someone could test that, I could merge this patch in and free these
poor users from their misery. ( )

Any other urgent matters, reply here.