Patch to factor rtt-typelib out of orogen

Sylvain, this one is for you,

We're having serious trouble packaging orogen in the
orocos_toolchain_ros. It's the only reason why no Debian packages were
released yet. The culprit is that we can't find a clean way to build
rtt-typelib with our instructions. Even with the setup options
provided to rake, the typekit is installed in the wrong location, does
not have the -<target> suffix and hence does not allow coexisting
installations of gnulinux and Xenomai.

I have factored rtt-typelib out of orogen, and updated both such that
"it keeps/gets working".

I'll push the rtt_typelib package to orocos-toolchain for review and
have a patch in attachment that removes+updates orogen for this

I didn't yet update autoproj/build to set how to build rtt_typelib,
but I guess this is trivial.

I have no clue if this causes major brokage downstream the orogen/rock
line, so please don't take my ignorance as insult :-) consider it as a
way of how I would solve it cleanly.


0001-rtt-typelib-move-out-to-a-separate-package.patch38.63 KB