real time Inter Process Communication

Hi developers,

I have a question. May be someone can suggest me some interesting reading or link.
We have always said that RTT uses CORBA for components which are not deployed within a single-process.
OF COURSE, RTT was designed to use any transport mechanism, not just CORBA.
Talking about CORBA, currently ACE/TAO and OmniORB are supported.

1) Has anyone done an evalutation/benchmark of the speed (in terms of real-time performance) using CORBA?
2) What would you suggest to make multi process communication possible without compromising about real-time?
3) Linux provides already some IPC mechanism? Do you see any issue with them? Does exist an higher level library to integrate them quickly (may we the answer is ACE, that is already a dependency of RTT).
4) Is there anyone out there trying to do the same that want to join forces?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.