[RFC] Component Deployment and scripting in 2.2

We're looking at improving deployment of components, and now's a good time to
give your feedback. These features will be developed after 2.1 is released.

Most users are not happy with the XML format that specifies which components
are loaded and connected in an application. Especially the flexibility and the
fixed ordering of configuration/setup steps disturbs even modest applications.
The scripting interface on the other hand provides a more controlled, readable
and flexible environment to specify how an application must be setup.

Therefor, the 'best practice' in deployment will emphasis doing things in
scripts and leave XML for basic setup steps. For example: importing component
libraries or plugins and instantiating components. Everything after that
should be done in a script.

For this to work as painless as possible, we need to relook at the scripting
API of the DeploymentComponent and how XML and scripting integrate better.
These features would be 'primary' for the XML:

* Loading plugins, component libraries etc. -- 'Import'
* Instantiating components -- component struct