Robotics Tech days at CEA LIST 15-16 March

Hi all,

The Robotics teams of the CEA LIST are organizing some Tech days for our
research partners. Since we are (heavily) using Orocos (mainly RTT, OCL)
we thought that the Orocos community might be interested as well.

The proposed agenda is:

* 15th March 2012: Robotics and Virtual Reality presentation and
- Virtual reality: Realtime physics simulation using XDE, haptic
interaction, virtual-human tracking and interaction.
- Robotics: Realtime master/slave coupling w/ force feedback on real
and simulated setups; cobotics demonstrations and exoskeleton
teleoperation of a Staubli RX.

* 16th March 2012: Workshop on the XDE framework ( ). This
framework is heavily based on the Orocos framework and is dedicated (but
not restricted) to realtime physics simulation, virtual reality
applications and virtual-human interactions (from both robotic
whole-body-control, and interactive point of view). We will also present
and discuss some of our RTT related developments such as Python
integrations, auto C++ bindings, etc.

Some additional information about the labs can be found at:

If you are interested, please let me know soon so we can take care of
the administrative details (and obviously because of the limited meeting
capacity or our labs).

Best regards,