RTT 1.10: changes and development update

I've just merged the rtt-2.0-mainline development onto git master and
the svn trunk. All these changes (144 patches) were backwards
compatible and intended for the RTT 1.x users. From today on,
rtt-2.0-mainline will diverge in backwards incompatible ways, starting
with the patch for the sources/namespace reordering. I don't expect
backports of functionality to 1.x anymore from that branch.

Noteworthy changes for upcoming 1.10 are:
* Generic Thread/Activity classes added + stop gives a timeout
* Build-system revamp
* Corba timouts when using TAO
* Boost::Unit test framework instead of cppunit
* RTT can be compiled without gnu/platform specific assembler
constructs (OS_NO_ASM in cmake)
This will remove all lock-free code though. It's not possible yet to
specify this on a per-object/class basis. This requires Boost 1.35 or
* The default activity for a component is now 'Activity', initially
non periodic.

... and last but not least...

* Native Win32 port for Microsoft Visual C (2005), including CORBA
over TAO and using DLLs
The port is in fairly good shape, but I would still tag it as 'beta'.
It passes all unit tests, but I had to disable some which gave
trouble. We need more people testing it in various configurations.
Boost 1.35 or later is mandatory. I'll open a wiki page to collect the
issues people are having and in which configuration.

There is one caveat though: I had to remove the static NameServer for
the Event<T> class, it didn't play nice with the Win32 port. If you
were relying on this functionality (which I doubt, because the
TaskContext's EventService class does this for you), speak up now and
I'll re-add it for all non Win32 platforms. But the feature is gone
for sure in RTT 2.0. The workaround is to use your own global
NameServer object for events.

I'm clearly not done yet, there are some patches left in Bugzilla and
probably floating on the list too. Now is a good time to check and
complain again if something was left out. 1.10 is scheduled for mid
august. I'm in minor bugfixing and documentation mode for that branch.
The 1.8.x release still has the -L bug in the Libs.private section of
the .pc files, this is fixed for 1.10, but the fix can't be

Both svn trunk and git master are now versioned as RTT 1.10.99, the
newly created rtt-1.10 svn branch starts at 1.10.0.