RTT build fails on kubuntu 10.10 64 bits

Dear Sirs,

I am trying to build orocos-toolchain on kubuntu 10.10 64 bit version.

I installed TAO using the command

sudo aptitude install libtao-orbsvcs-dev tao-idl gperf-ace tao-naming

as indicated in "The OROCOS Real-Time Toolkit Installation Guide"

Then I followed the quick start instruction executing the followin commands:

mkdir orocos-toolchain cd orocos-toolchain wget http://gitorious.com/orocos-toolchain/build/blobs/raw/toolchain-2.1/bootstrap.sh sh bootstrap.sh

The building was configured with CORBA OMNIORB and xenomai support.

Unfortunately I got the following error message:

Set the CORBA implementation: TAO or OMNIORB: OMNIORB autoproj: loading ... run 'autoproj --reconfigure' to change configuration values

  build RTT-related software with CORBA support: true
  the target operating system for Orocos/RTT (gnulinux or xenomai): xenomai
there is an osdeps definition for omniorb, but no for this particular operating system version
  in /usr/src/orocos-toolchain/autoproj/remotes/orocos.toolchain/orocos.autobuild:34
What have I missed?

Thank you for your support.

Gianpaolo Rizzi