Upcoming renames and changes on rtt-2.0-mainline

Renames are also listed here:

I'm starting the rtt-2.0-services branch from rtt-2.0-mainline. This
will eventually cause a third (and last) big shift in the code base
when it's merged back to the 2.0-mainline.
Lots of classes will change or be renamed, but most are in the
internal RTT namespaces.

In RTT namespace (public changes):
RTT::Command -> removed, replaced by RTT::Operation
RTT::Event,Handle -> moved to internal, major refactoring, downsizing.
RTT::Method -> refactored to support non-blocking calls (takes over
Command on caller side). Default stays blocking as is today.
RTT::ExecutionEngine -> refactored to only process single shot
'actions' (like ActionInterface) or multi-shot 'programs' (like

There are no plans to change Attribute or Property or PropertyBag.

In RTT::interface namespace:
CommandRepository, MethodRepository, OperationInterface, EventService
-> removed and replaced by ServiceProvider
MarshallingAccess -> MarshallingService based on ServiceProvider
ExecutionAccess    -> ExecutionService based on ServiceProvider
PropertyLoader -> moved to internal

There are no plans to change AttributeRepository or DataFlowInterface

In RTT::base namespace:
Buffer* variants -> will loose their blocking/non blocking on
empty/full template arguments. Always non blocking
CommandBase, EventBase -> removed and replaced by OperationBase

In RTT::internal namespace:
It's unpredictable what will happen here. No users should rely on
stable classes inhere.

In RTT::plugin namespace:
Possibly migrate code from OCL inhere to have plugin loading in RTT.

In RTT::types namespace:
Toolkit -> Typekit , All 'tool' becomes 'type'
ToolkitPlugin -> TypekitPlugin, the interface may change to take a
pointer argument for each function where to load the type information

In RTT::corba namespace:
Follows changes in other RTT namespaces. IDL will be simplified to
allow better memory management in case of crashing clients and use of
idl without Orocos.

In RTT::scripting namespace:
May become a plugin if time permits, offers ScriptingService, follows
the operations changes.

In RTT::os namespace:
Adding TLSF + oro_rt_allocator std compliant allocator (identical to
Stephen's patches).
The existing lock-free static allocators remain in place too.

In OCL, especially the TaskBrowser will notice these changes, and
deployment will need to be extended to connect services.

Also, given my coding velocity, don't expect the automatic service
discovery ala OSGi to be part of 2.0. It will need to be added later
on, mainly as an OCL component doing the bookkeeping, and some helper
classes/functions in RTT.

I'll be happy when everybody's happy.