Update on the forum issue

The double entry of posts and comments on the Orocos.org fora should be fixed
now. Please contact me if it doesn't work out for you.

The issue was cause by the cron job, which fetches the mailing list messages,
using 'www.orocos.org.binary.priorweb.be' which we did to keep cron out of the
website stats. Now each forum post is tagged with a unique id to trace it when
it is bounced back by mailman. Unfortunately, the id contains the hostname,
and the cron job was looking for the 'binary' variant, instead of the normal
hostname. Since it couldn't find that string in the id, it decided that it was
a new post, and re-added it again.

I fixed it by using the base_url hostname set in the Drupal settings.php file,
which is always www.orocos.org. I don't think any other modules are subject to
this 'cron' flaw. We'll see.

The next step would be to remove all these duplicate comments from the
database, which won't be easy with my SQL skills. If anyone knows how to query
that (ie find all comments where the contents of 'body' are equal to at least
one other comment), be my guest.