Use Eventport to trigger method


I'm writing an EKF in rtt2.0 using BFL. The code needs to update the
system model every timestep (e.g. 0.01 s) and update the measurement
model every moment new data arrives. The first I can implement in a
simple UpdateHook(), for the latter I would like to use an EventPort.
The manual tells me adding the InputPort as ->addPort->addEventPort
will trigger updateHook() when new data arrives. However, in that way
the explicit distinction between measurement and system update is gone
because in both cases the same method gets called. I can check in the
updateHook() whether is was the arrival of new data that caused my
component to wake up, but if this moment accidently coincides with the
moment my system model needs an update, the last one won't get
executed. Is there any functionality left in rtt 2.0 to point my
eventPort to a custom method? If not, how can I make this distinction