writing task properties configuration using rock generated module

Dear Sir,

I am using rock to create a simple module that manages a TCP socket.
I wrote an orogen file for my module and compile it without problem.

I would like to have a template of the configuration file in order to insert
in it property values for the module.
I wrote the following code to generate the configuration file.

TCPClient::TCPClient(std::string const& name)
: TCPClientBase(name)
// attribute and properties initialization
socket=new QTcpSocket;

m = new Marshalling( this );


bool TCPClient::configureHook()
bool result;
if (! TCPClientBase::configureHook())
return false;

result=m->storeProperties( "TCPClient.cpf" );

cout << "File written" << endl;

return true;

When I run the executable no errors occurs but no file is written.
Please can you help me to understand my error?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Gianpaolo Rizzi

writing task properties configuration using rock generated modul

Dear Gianpallo.

I can't really help you there as we (in rock) are not using the property

More importantly, I don't get your mails from orocos-dev or
orocos-users. You probably should have a look into that, as the
RTT-specific questions are better answered by the RTT community at large ;-)