[git] orocos-rtt.git master branch reset again :-(

Hi git-followers,

Just to let you know that I had to reset master again on github, such that it
matches again svn according to the git-svn mapping. The last common commit
with old is:

Moved the DataDrivenTask code to TaskContext and removed the former.

psoetens (author)
November 28, 2008
commit 8f772a8c4b5058c8050bde8f4e96c28b83b11ca2

The reason this time is that git-svn does not support 'merge commits' and that
sooner or later you get a confused git-svn, which re-orders patches way to
long back in history (actually up to the point where the merge commit occured,
which is the commit after the one above). The merge commit is still in there,
so I don't know if the troubles are definately over. I'll consequentially use
git rebase to get patches one-by-one from branches to master to svn. That
should structurally fix it.

Well, the real structural fix is to make orocos-rtt.git the master, and let svn
track git, but I guess no one is cranked-up enough to write such a tool,
that's like trying to run Linux applications on Windows. Oh wait...