Google Summer of Code 2009

What FOSDEM isn't good for [1]... I'd like to get Orocos accepted as a gsoc
project. Looking at the amount of universities involved in this project, it
should be easy to find mentors and students and have a decent chance to really
win something here.

Project applications are accepted from March 9 to March 13. Student
applications from March 23 to April 3rd.

The main page for Gsoc is, but that's not updated
yet (points to 2008). Take a look at the wiki here :
for the latest information (printed on flyers) about 2009.

So we got about 4 weeks to get ourselves organised. I propose to coordinate
everything through the Orocos wiki. A start can be found here:

I haven't figured it all out yet, But I hope and think we have a reasonable
shot at getting accepted.