Proposal for re-arranging mailing lists

I'd like to collect feedback on a new mailing list and forum structure on

We would only provide 3 lists:

[Orocos] : very low traffic, announcements of all libraries and front-page
[Orocos-users] : medium traffic for RTT,BFL,KDL,OCL,... users
[Orocos-dev] : medium/high traffic for Bugzilla reports, core developers
of these libraries.

The same layout would be used on the forum.

This means the BFL mailinglist would disappear. The idea is that users
and developers accross projects can learn from each other and to promote
the integration of the projects. Providing each project with a separate
users/dev/announce list would result in 12 lists which would all be very low
traffic. The projects are too small to justify individual lists. Note that
currently, KDL, RTT and OCL are already discussed on one list (orocos-dev),
however, users and developers are mixed.

Any flames ?