[Bug 384] New: not able to assign value to Property<unsigned int>

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A new bug was added:
Summary: not able to assign value to Property
Product: OCL
Version: trunk
Platform: All
OS/Version: All
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P2
Component: TaskBrowser
AssignedTo: orocos-dev [..] ...
ReportedBy: ruben [dot] smits [..] ...


i have a property in my component of type unsigned int. But i cannot change its
value using the TaskBrowser:

(type 'ls' for context info) :Tracker.nrOfPoints=6
Got :Tracker.nrOfPoints=6
Semantic error: Attempt to assign property of type uint with a int.

Do i have to use some special syntax or is this a bug in the taskbrowser?